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Site Changes

This is where we will announce new products and the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.


Tom Brombacher Home Improvements in Cambridge, Ontario and Elmira Stove Works in London, Ontario to take over Sale and Distribution of products


Lawrence and Cathy Lynch have enjoyed this business and part of our lives for many years now.  It has been part of our family.  The first shows we attended had my son in a play ring under an illuminated suntube.  We have always done what was best for the customer even when that meant less profit for the business.  It was tough at the beginning when no one knew what a tubular skylight was.  We invested a few years with just product awareness.  We brought light into homes from the Yukon to the NW corner of Newfoundland.  The best part of the business was seeing how excited customers were when the project was all done and the sun came out.  I still get excited about that part even if I am no longer doing the installations. 


It is a good time for a change and I know that Tom and Cathy Brombacher will serve their clients admirably.  They are wonderful people with similar values.  Values that place the customer first.  Their location near Cambridge, Ontario will also allow for better access to suntubes in Southern Ontario.  The GTA, Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo areas will benefit greatly.

All the best to Tom and Cathy Brombacher at Tom Brombacher Home Improvements.


Elmira Stove Works is your source for tubular skylights and other ODL products.

Elmira is a family run business serving the region from Lake Huron to Kitchener since 1982.  Elmira is a well respected business and I am sure they will serve the local customers well.  Elmira has taken care of all installations of tubular skylight for the last few years so this will not be a significant change for customers.

Greenhouse Gasses

Take the Climate Change and do your part today.  All of our product help reduce energy use. 
Global warming is something that is not going away.  The production of electricity is a great consumer of non-renewable resources and a contributor to global warming.  Think about doing your part to help reduce energy use in Canada and the USA.  More information on this important topic can be found from your local supporters and government.


A Commercial Skylight on your roof and multiple light-tubes going down into your rooms.  It is truly AMAZING!!

13" Low profile Interior Diffuser in Pearl

Availability: NOW  This new diffuser can incorporate an optional trim ring and has a transparent pebbled finish.  Suited for those demanding higher intensity light in a more localized area.


Availability: NOW!  This electric dimmer unit allows you to fully open or close off the light tube from a wireless remote control.  For 13" only

Retractable Screen Doors

Do it yourself and add convenience and functionality to almost any outside door.  No longer do you need to cover over your beautiful entry door.  Most of the time screen doors get in the way.  Retractable screens from ODL Entrypoint solve this by only being there when you want them.  The rest of the time they are conveniently rolled away in an aluminum casing beside the door.





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