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Low Profile




Our Newest SunScope™ with some completely new design features.
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Best suited for south facing roof lines this new roof unit offers a completely different look than the standard SunScope™.

Key Benefits

bullet Excellent light collection on south facing roofs without the SunScoop
bullet Completely different look than the standard 13" unit
bullet Lower profile than Std. 13" SunScope™
bullet Flashing easily meshes with shingles, unlike competitors products
bullet Great for vaulted ceilings

Kit Options

13"  kit *
13"  kit HD**
13"  kit HD oval***

HD    High Dispersal diffuser
*      includes low profile clear pebbled diffuser and 0-45 degree elbow
**    as above except with high dispersal round diffuser
***   excludes  elbow and includes oval high dispersal room diffuser


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