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Our Flagship light systems incorporates the utmost in performance characteristics.  The 3 step sunlight system sets these units apart from the competition.

Available in various standard sizes to match individual needs

Suitable for Residential, Commercial and Agricultural applications.

Key Benefits

bullet3 step system produces more light in the room in ALL seasons and weather conditions.

Light Output will vary depending on time of year.

Description Application Light Output Summer
8.5" w/4' tube Small rooms, hallways 200 watts +
13" w/4' tube Most rooms, living areas 450 watts +
21" w/ 2' tube* Commercial, agricultural or rooms w/ 11' + ceiling 1200 watts +

Standard kits contain: Top dome, SunScoop (reflector), stainless steel dome retention clamp, storm collar, daylight tube, std. roof flashing unit, high output interior diffuser, all hardware, gaskets and seals.

* 21" unit contains different materials


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