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Bring In Natural Daylight!        



Welcome to Lynch Suntubes.  We invite you to explore the wonderful aspects of Natural Light Systems.  Start enjoying your living or office space today with FREE, Full Spectrum, natural light.  Do your part to help reduce greenhouse gasses!! 

In order to serve the Southern Ontario market better the distribution and sale of Sunscope product will move to Tom Brombacher Home Improvements in Cambridge, Ontario.  Please see the news page for more information on this change. 

ODL product will continue to be sold out of London.  You may contact us directly or Elmira Stove Works.

High - Tech Skylights for the Canadian Climate.
Both Sunscope and ODL tubular skylights offer an excellent choice for interior daylighting. 

ODL's Solar Flair tubular skylights (pictured above) offer exceptional performance with a completely different look both inside and out.

Energy efficient daylight.  Yes, that means no heat in the summer and no cold in the winter.

Energystar approved for maximum thermal reduction

 Download any information you wish from the download page and feel free to contact us for additional information.


Everything from complete DIY kits to custom kits and parts, installation and consultation is available.

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If this site has left questions unanswered or sparked new ones please contact us.

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Elmira Stove Works
    London and SW Ontario to Lake Huron
    Phone: 519 451-2124
    FAX: 519 451-2830

Brombacher Home Improvements
    Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo and east
    Phone: 519 622-4243
    FAX: 519 622-9270

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