Fixed pitch units are one of two designs used in tubular skylights.  For customers looking for that blend-in look but still maintaining great light output in the room below.
The 10" SolarFlair pictured is a exceptional performer at an exceptional price. 
Solar Lens Technology acts like the reflector on a runway light directing light down the custom manufactured light-tube into your room

Built-in elbows allow you to go around obstacles enabling you to get the light where you want it.

If you want even greater performance then go with the 14" SolarFlair.  Almost identical in design to the 10" except for the one major variation.  The top dome tells the story.  If you don't collect the light then you will not light up your room.  Pictured to the right, the side profile of the 14" dome shows the reflector on the right side.  Created entirely from prism lenses this built in reflector provides nearly perfect reflection of off angle light down the tube.

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Not sure why the reflector is important, see animation
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Both kits are now available with glass diffusers.  The standard glass diffuser is double glazed and double sealed for insulation with a flat prismatic glass on the bottom and an integrated trim ring.  For added elegance and added light distribution go with the deluxe frosted glass domed diffuser with integrated trim ring.

The LIFETIME warranty should tell you how confident the manufacturer is in this product.


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