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  SunScope SolarFlair Velux Suntunnel
Type of flashing Variable Pitch 6/12 Fixed Pitch Flat Roof Only
Large reflector Mounted behind top dome Integrated inside top dome No Reflector
Adjustable height Yes, up to 24" above roof No adjustment No adjustment
Top Dome attachments Stainless Steel brackets Stainless Steel Screws with soft washers  
Tube structure Snap lock crimp fit 3M adhesive tapered Flex (like dryer vent)
Interior Diffuser High-Dispersal Pearl.  Options avail. Insulated Flat Clear patterned or Frosted Glass Dome  
Trim Ring Optional (blocks light) Incorporated with diffuser  
Light Output Evenly throughout room and ceiling Evenly throughout room and ceiling Minimal

21" flex is similar to 81/2" SunScope

Sizes: 8.5", 13", 21" 10", 14" 10, 14, 21
Options Diffusers, Iris, Elbows, Light kit Frosted Glass Diffuser Solid Pipe


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